Milk Kefir

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Oooops! Over fermented kefir... I guess we’re making cheese!
Kefir is a colony of 36-64 different beneficial microbes. It is one of the most complex probiotic structures known to provide nutritive benefits to humans. In a nut shell, they are so good for your gut, and therefore to your overall well-being, that there is no reason not to let them live in your body!
Kefir feed on the sugar in milk. Although milk is not keto because of the high carbohydrates from lactose, adding kefir to it not only enhances the benefits of milk, but also significantly lowers lactose. No wonder our lactose-intolerant population can safely drink milk kefir!
When over fermented, the milk separates into curd and whey. The curd can be further processed into cheese, while the whey is a superior protein source! No waste here, only pure goodness in every drop.
Oh, and the weight loss from eating kefir is just kefir’s side effect from doing its main job of cleaning and maintaining your gut. 💗I love you kefir!

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