No-bake Coconut Brownie Temptation.

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This makes 6 servings. Without the topping, 1 serving has 173 Calories, 3g net carbs, 17 grams fat, 2g protein.
In a bowl, mix 1 tbsp coconut flour, 1 tbsp unsweetened cacao powder, 2 tbsp erythritol.
In a pan, toast on low heat 100 grams of shredded coconut. I used freshly scooped coconut meat from a young coconut. When slighly browned, add 5 tbsps of all-purpose cream, 3 tbsps of coconut butter, and 1 tbsp of coconut oil. Mix until well combined.
Then gradually add the dry mixture, mixing thoroughly. When done, place on a pan lined with baking paper. Press firmly on the pan. Freeze for 2 hours.
The brownie in the photo has a creamy chocolate topping. This is an excess topping from a chocolate cake that i made. This is excluded in the calorie count. The brownie without the topping is delicious on its own.
Serve and enjoy!
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